Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Manns – Brown Ale

WP_20161216_20_53_37_ProWhat they say “Manns is the Original Brown Ale, first brewed at the Mann's Whitechapel in 1902. The historic recipe produces a dark, rich, full bodied ale with a luscious flavour and hints of roasted creamy toffee. The complex blend of pale & dark roasted malts still lies at the heart of this classic English beer. A deliciously creamy, biscuity beer with a sweet, lightly hopped more-ish flavour. Serve lightly chilled.”

Now brewed by Marston’s, this has been around for years of course but  I’ve only just got around to trying it. I probably tried it when it was a bit too cold but didn’t enjoy it much. A little too sweet for me but at 2.8% A.B.V you wont be reaching for the paracetamol too early.