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750: Caledonian | Deuchars

20220331_155038The brewery: "George Lorimer Jr. was a member of the Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society. Members met at the Golf Tavern. This is where Lorimer met Robert Clark, a local head brewer. Pints were drunk and plans were hatched. Lorimer & Clark’s Caledonian Brewery opened in 1869 on Slateford Road where it brews to this day. Proof, if ever it was needed, that adventure begins with a pint."

The beer: "Rich in character and long on refreshment. Solid gold in colour, strongly aromatic, with hints of fresh citrus. The distinctive light malt and fresh floral flavours combine with the zesty citric hop to deliver a mouth-watering adventure."

Have drunk this many times in the past but oddly not since the archive was created in 2013. Jot my favourite style if beer but it's a good session ale and always seems to go down very well.

The Beer House, Edinburgh Waverley station, April 2022. Related entries.