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719: Ennerdale | Darkest

The brewery: "Formed in 2010 as The Ennerdale Brewery in the small hamlet of Croasdale, Ennerdale, we have always been a family-run business with many relatives involved!....In November 2014, with the help of Barclays Bank, we moved into our new home in Rowrah. We’re still here to this day, close to the beautiful Lake District valley and lake that gives us our name and our inspiration."

The beer: "A dark bitter, it is a more potent brew than our other beers, but it remains remarkably quaffable. With a rich, velvety texture, a definite chocolate flavour and a creamy head, this beer has converted hundreds of ‘light beer’ drinkers to the dark side. "

Another from my time in the Lake District procured from the excellent Booth's and another really tasty dark ale - it didn't come across as heavy though and one I could have happily sunk several of. Top stuff. 4.2% A.B.V.

August 2021.