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718: Lancaster | Lancaster Black

The brewery: "From humble beginnings in a tired old shed located on the outskirts of Lancaster, the brewery grew rapidly and reached production capacity in 2009. The new premises boasts a shop, bar, restaurant, function space and regular brewery tours..... Lancaster Brewery has four popular beers that form our core range - Lancaster Blonde, Amber, Red and Black and we also produce monthly specials and seasonal beers from our purpose built brewery located on the outskirts of Lancaster."

The beer: "Lancaster Black is a British stout for the connoisseur. Jet black in colour, it is a complex traditional dark brew with subtle hints of coffee and dark chocolate. An excellent fusion of malt, oats and wheat expertly balanced with Challenger, Perle and Cascade hops."

Another great find in Booth's during my stay in the North-West of England. A superb stout that really hit the spot. Delicious. 4.5% A.B.V.

August 2021.