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674: Williams Bros. Brewing Co. | Chokka Blokka


The brewery: “Williams Bros. Brewing Co. is located in Alloa, Clackmannanshire and is set in the old George Younger’s bottling hall in Kelliebank……..Our first commercial brews of 'Scotland's Original Craft Beer' were at a 5-barrel brewery in Taynult near Oban on the West Coast. Here we were able to brew just enough to supply cask conditioned Fraoch to 5 premises, including the Clachaig in Glencoe, which to this day remains our most loyal and enduring customer.”

The beer: “This Mayan inspired brew is a mocha lover’s delight: a blend of ethically sourced coffees from around the world combine with toasted cacao nibs to deliver an intense stout for the ages. Chokk-a-blokk with notes of roast coffee and a nice dark chocolatey finish, this well balanced stout is loaded with oats for a full creamy texture. Extra bonus is it is also lactose free & 100% vegan friendly.”

The first of three from the recent Lidl beer festival and a chance to try another from Williams Bros after the Talking Head A.P.A which was most definitely not to my taste.

This however was, in fact it was superb, almost like cake in a tin. Beautifully rich and creamy and one I would most certainly drink again. 4.8% A.B.V.

October 2020. Related entries