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653: Teme Valley Brewery | Wotever next

20200806_170100The brewery: “The Teme Valley Brewery is a craft producer of cask and bottle-conditioned beers. Opened in 1997 to brew for The Talbot in Knightwick, Worcestershire (, the brewery has expanded and now sells directly to pubs and specialist off-licences across the West Midlands.”

The beer: “A strong, dark and bitter beer. The distinctive dry finish derives from chocolate malt, Pilgrim and Cascade hops. A long fermentation leaves little sweetness behind. A good counter balance to a sticky dessert.”

Another procured from a Co-Op near the Malverns - it’s great to see shops make the effort to stock local and regional brews. I wish my local Co-Op did. Anyway, this was more back to my usual and very tasty it was too. Unfiltered and unpasteurised so needed to be poured carefully. A nice drop even without the sticky dessert!

August 2020