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652: The Friday Beer Company | WR14

20200802_180600The brewery: “When the recession took hold, and three expert material scientists were made redundant, they took it on the chin and pooled their resources. From the back-rooms and sheds of their homes was born an idea: real ale brewed in the heart of the Malvern Hills using local and British ingredients to produce fine flavours. Three years later, in 2014, the company has grown and developed, recently moving into the second, larger brewery.”

The beer: “WR14 (the brewery postcode!) is a naturally sweet, hoppy ale with a full bodied texture. It has citrus and spice aromas derived from a blend of English and European hops.”

One of the many joys of caravanning is getting to taste local brews like this - ones which don’t make it on to the shelves nationally. Found this in a Co-Op just outside Malvern and it was consumed on a campsite with fine views of the Malvern Hills. A tad too sweet for me but nonetheless still quaffable.

August 2020.