Thursday, 16 January 2020

634: Brakspear | Gravity

20191218_144151The Brewery: “Since 2002, much of the original brewing plant was moved to the Wychwood brewery in Witney, West Oxfordshire (owned by Marstons). Following a major refurbishment of the Wychwood brewery Brakspear Bitter is still handcrafted in the original copper and the famous Henley ‘Double-Drop’ fermentation system……..In May 2013, we re-established our brewing roots in Henley, opening the Bell Street Brewery.”

The Beer: “Brewed in Oxfordshire using the famous Henley ‘double-drop’ fermentation system  in Victorian copper fermentation vessels from the original Henley brewery. This amber ale has a crystal malt and a well hopped bitterness in taste, which transforms into a bittersweet and fruity finish with a good fruit, hop and malt nose. A superb session beer which is ideal with foods such as fine English cheeses, Ploughman’s and fish and chips”

Well, this was sampled in Bell Street so there’s a good chance that it was brewed just a few metres away. Didn’t really hit the spot for me to be honest, my fussy palate didn’t get too excited about the combination of flavours. Nice and bright though and at 3.4% a great session beer. Perhaps I should have had another. Related entries.

The Bull on Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames. December 2019.