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608: Poppyland | East Coast IPA

20190806_143251The Brewery: “Now in its seventh year of operation Poppyland Brewery has gained a reputation for doing different. For me, Martin Warren the Poppyland Brewer, it has been a challenge in semi-retirement, a means of self expression and it helped to satisfy my creative instincts. It made a small living too. As an ex-museum curator I couldn't help myself from revelling in the character and culture of North Norfolk and I reflected this in my beers. I have produced extraordinary ales that were far removed from industrial beer found in supermarkets or even beer found in British pubs. I have been exploring just what beer can be, using the best ingredients and new techniques, seeking to innovate and aiming to really please my customers. I often drew inspiration from the local environment and local history. Where I could I used local ingredients - wild and cultivated. Where I couldn't, I got the best ingredients from all over the world - like hops and yeasts.”

The Beer: “Strong, hoppy, pale ale featuring premium coastal Maris Otter malted barley from Branthill Farm near Wells next the Sea, Norfolk.”

Powerful but a tad on the sharp side for me - but a fine IPA from this little brewery on the Norfolk coast. Bottle conditioned and as usual I wasn’t careful enough to pour a clear pint but never mind. 5.4% A.B.V. August 2019.