Saturday, 17 August 2019

605: Mauldons | Mid-Summer Gold

20190804_160115The Brewery: “ Since 1795, the name Mauldons has been associated with well respected, award winning quality beers…..From our Micro brewery In Sudbury, we produce traditional bitters, stouts and porters, the most famous being the award winning Black Adder Stout….”

The Beer: “A light crisp beer brewed with East Anglian malted barley. The presence of First Gold hops gives this summer beer a refreshing finish.”

This followed the powerful and delicious Black Adder and given that golden ales are not my favourite I wasn’t expecting much. I have to say though, that in the pub garden on a warm afternoon, I quite enjoyed it. Would have been more enjoyable a tad colder possibly. 4.0% A.B.V

Sailor’s Home, Kessingland, Suffolk. August 2019.