Monday, 24 September 2018

548: Gower - LIghthouse

20180712_200610The brewery: “The idea of starting a microbrewery had been discussed many times. We were already running two busy pubs in the Gower, so forming a microbrewery was the natural next step.The company was formed in September 2011. We acquired a 5 barrel brew plant in October and renovated our building. Walls, floor, ceiling... the lot. The brew plant was installed in November, with haste to try and hit our goal of brewing on the 11th of the 11th of the 11th!  We managed it. Our 1st brew (Brew1)  was completed at around 4pm on 11/11/11. Not a date we'll forget in a hurry.”

The beer: “Lighthouse is a light, thirst quenching, continental style lager. It's packed with flavour and comes in at 4.5%. You will find Lighthouse a change to the clean style lagers as it offers a gentle but unmissable hoppiness of Saaz and Bobek.”

Yes, I know. It was a lager - but it was a gift and it was palatable. Not really to my taste but crystal clear. July 2018