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Banks’s – Amber (Bitter)

WP_20161021_21_02_14_ProWhat they say: “Bank’s Amber is a beautiful, easy drinking bitter with lots of malty, hoppy flavours – delivering a beer which is refreshingly bitter. Unsurprisingly, once you’ve finished savouring this deep gold bitter, you’ll finish on an addictive, dry note.  Needless to say, Bank’s Amber is a classic, easy-drinking beer made from high quality ingredients, which makes this particular bitter far too easy to drink.
Brewed using the same yeast stream for over hundreds of years, Bank’s Amber is a beer which keeps delivering.”

The first ( I thought) of hopefully many new beers on our trip to Warwickshire and around but it needed a visit to a second pub to find something I hadn’t tried. Oh the hardship! However it appears that this is just a rebranding of Banks’s Bitter but I’ll include it again anyway.

The Queens Head, Meriden, Warwickshire. October 2016