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Skinners – Betty Stogs

WP_20160604_14_36_07_ProWhat they say: “Betty Stogs is an award-winning, copper-coloured bitter brewed since 1997 using Cornish water; whole-flower Celeia, Northdown and Aurora hops; Cornish malted barley and wheat; and Skinner’s unique yeast……………..Copper-coloured, with a light malty aroma, a floral, even cedar taste, and a sharp tang of bitter grapefruit, this is an ale that has the strength of character to take on tasty dishes like stews, hard cheeses and meat-packed pasties.”

The latest guest at our local was a very welcome return for old Betty. Most definitely had this before – both in our local and down in Cornwall, but it must have been before the Archive was born. A lovely pint – robust and malty. 4.0% A.B.V.

The Rottingdean Club, East Sussex. June 2016