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Itchen Valley – Pure Gold

WP_20160529_14_51_53_ProWhat they say: “It takes a lot to make our “Rob the brewer” smile (there are substantial liquid prizes on offer for anyone who can perform this feat). But a pint of Pure Gold usually does the trick. The first thing you may note in our premium ale is the strongly aromatic American specialty hops with hints of caramel. To drink, the beer is lightly effervescent with initial bitterness from the choicest Czech hops leading to a full, sweet malty flavour.”

It’s also nice to sample something local when away  - and this was one such beer procured during our stay just north of Winchester in Hampshire. As the name suggests, a golden ale and not usually my favourite style but it certainly tasted good. Best enjoyed slightly more chilled than usual and on a warm summers night I reckon. I realise one of those is a lot easier to arrange than the other! 4.8% A.B.V. May 2016