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Okell’s - Aile

WP_20141220_007What they say: Pronounced "Isle", our smoked porter, "Aile" is the Manx word for fire and nothing evokes the dark smokiness of a cosy winter night by the old pub hearth, than this sumptuous, global award-winner. Find your favourite chair and enjoy some pure indulgence.

Another guest at the excellent Duke of Wellington in Willingham, near Cambridge, who certainly keep a nice pint. In fact you always get the choice of either hand pulled or straight from the cask.

Sadly the chairs nearest the lovely roaring fire were taken, which given the weather was not surprising. However this smooth velvety seasonal offering from the Isle of Man was perfect medicine for my sore throat. Excellent stuff but at 4.8% A.B.V. this medicine may make you drowsy!

December 2014.