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886: Dunham Massey | Deer Beer

The brewery: The website doesn't appear to be up and running yet however I found this online:   

"Trafford's first craft brewery opened for business in Dunham Massey in autumn 2007 and produces both cask and bottled beer....All the ingredients are English and are sourced from as local as possible. In fact the only things that go into the beer are water, malts, hops, and yeast. All the sugars are formed the old fashioned way by extracting them from the malt itself. Their philosophy is to use the best English malts and hops, with no added sugars, to brew quality traditional North Western beers."

 The beer: From the'net: 

"Dunham Massey Deer Beer is a strong, malty bitter. It is a clean full bodied English ale, with a slight hint of toffee and is very moreish."

Moreish it certainly was, a very tasty ale indeed. 4.5% A.B.V

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