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701: Buxton Brewery | Right To Roam

20210802_152905The brewery: “Buxton Brewery’s first ever brew was mashed-in on a cold, dark, January 1st, 2009. The brewhouse was the family garage and the batch size was about 40 litres……Fast-forward 9 years and the team, which has steadily grown to be 11 strong is now based in a 7000 square foot modern building on Staden Lane, Buxton. Its custom designed and (British) built brewhouse produces around 3500 litres per brew, 3 times per week.”

The beer: “Kinder Scout – the highest point of the Peak District, about 10 miles north of Buxton, was in 1932 the scene of a mass trespass by hundreds of walkers, some of whom were imprisoned for their actions. This led, arguably, to the formation of the National Parks and later, the Countryside Rights Of Way Act. Opening the land up to the people, with the Right To Roam, enabling forever, people to enjoy and cherish the wildest areas of Britain.”

No longer on the brewery web site, this appeared to be produced to celebrate the above. A fairly pale light bitter, it was ok but neither offended or excited my fussy palate. 3.8% A.B.V.

Buxton Brewery Tap House, August 2021