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697: Sadler’s | Peaky Blinder Pale Ale

20210724_124517_001The brewery: “The original Sadler’s Brewery was founded in 1861 and continued until 1927, but in 2004 descendants of the former owners began brewing again and it remains very much a thriving family run craft brewery that supplies its beers to bars, restaurants and shops throughout the region and beyond. “

The beer: “A light and refreshing pale ale brewed with English hops and barley. A gentle fruit bitterness leads to an uplifting citrus hop finish. “

Refreshing it certainly was, and it was certainly put to the test, being drunk on one of the hottest days of the year. More of a deckchair than a fireside beer to me. 4.3% A.B.V.

July 2021. Related entries