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690: Glamorgan Brewing Co. | Welsh Cake Stout

20210405_203855The brewery: “The Anstee family began supplying the hospitality trade in South Wales with beers, wines and spirits in the early 90’s. The knowledge and community ties established during this time gave us a real desire to see quality Welsh beer back on local bars. So much so we thought we’d brew some ourselves.”

The beer: “Inspired by one of our favourite treats we decided to experiment by adding a mix of oats and raisins to a brew. The result is a rich, dark, and chewy stout with a slightly sweet vinous character", alongside the biscuity effect of oats and barley. Every sip reminds us of fresh Welsh Cakes, straight from the griddle.”

A delicious stout, full bodied and a very moreish combination of flavours. Top stuff.