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638: Torrside Brewing | Candlewick

20191023_200216The Brewery: “ We've been brewing in New Mills since 2015, based at the Marina and opposite the famous Swizzels factory. Our name comes from the other major landmark of the town, the Torrs - a park set in the 70-foot-deep gorge cut by the Rivers Goyt & Sett, that the town stands above and around, where many of the town's mills used to stand……Torrside is a democratic set-up between 3  long-practicing homebrewers,  Chris, Nick, and Peter  -  with a lot of support from our long-suffering partners.   We'd each been brewing for several years, excited by the sheer range of beer from the new UK brewers, US imports and even more from Europe - and it felt time to do something with all that beer obsession. “

No official description or tasting notes from the brewery. Pleasant but a little lifeless carbonation wise, quite smooth but I felt lacked the body that some stouts have at a similar A.B.V. Would happily drink again though. 4.0% A.B.V.

Westow House, Crystal Palace, London. October 2019