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621: Corinium Ales | Centurion Stout

20190921_143212The Brewery: “We have often considered making the stuff, but always thought it was a dream, it was just “the beer talking”….Then, back in 2011, due to a redundancy the opportunity to discover something new and explore a fresh way of living emerged.…In May 2012, Sylvia, our half barrel (80L) brew kit was installed and off we went. A journey of exploration into the dark arts of all things fermentation ensued. We became obsessed with brewing and it is here that we learnt our craft….After a few months of trial brews, sampled by several local ale drinkers, we launched Corinium Ales in the Cirencester Farmers’ Market in November 2012.”

The Beer: “Light bodied stout with toasty chocolate undertones…yum! Once called Sylvia’s Stout, this was our first beer brewed on “Sylvia” our shiny new 80litre brew kit.  It later became Centurion Stout (or Stout Centurion!) and made up another of our three debut beers.”

The first of three beers from this brewery thanks to a friend who stayed on the caravan site in Cirencester in the summer. It’s taste certainly belied it’s strength - light bodied as they say - not sure if that’s a good thing as I went down very well indeed. Looking forward to trying more from the range shortly. 4.7% A.B.V. September 2019 Related entries.