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557: Fyne Ales | Ryesing Water

The brewery: “When Fyne Ales was founded in 2001, the aim was to bring prosperity – jobs, industry and tourism – to the quiet, isolated corner of Scotland that our founders’ call home. We’re proud to be a modern, rural farm brewery – to use our stunning, rustic Argyll estate not only for sustainable farming, but as a base for producing the highest quality progressive beers that are enjoyed all over the world.”

The beer: “Cask special - December 2018…..Gentle stone-fruit flavours with a hint of citrus lightness underpinned by smooth, rounded malt backbone and a touch of rye spice in the finish….Brewed on a very wet November day when the River Fyne threatened to burst its banks, Ryesing Water is hoppy session ale with NZ, USA and UK hops, built on a backbone of complex malt including heaps of chewy, lightly spicy rye.”

Despite the description I didn’t find this too hoppy - maybe the rye and malts kept those pesky hops in check somewhat. I didn’t find it particularly memorable for the right or wrong reasons. I’d drink it again but would prefer to try something else.

Westow House, Crystal Palace, London. February 2019