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536: Felinfoel - Dragon’s Heart

20180608_210324The Brewery: “As the name implies, Felinfoel brewery is situated in ‘Felinfoel’, a small village adjoining Llanelli in Wales. Historians tell us that in the old days the inn brewed its own beer, but only during the winter months. The keeping qualities and the strength of the beers, therefore, were of prime importance and the popularity of ‘Felinfoel Beer’ led to the local inn brewing for other inns in the locality. This, in turn, led to the present brewery being built in 1878 to accommodate demand.”

The Beer: “A new permanent addition to our canned craft ale range. At 4.5% this is a full drinking premium Welsh Ale which is malty and gently hopped. Dragons Heart has a rich colour and smooth balanced character with lots of red fruit flavour and buttery overtones.”

A welcome addition to the Felinfoel stable, procured I think when Aldi’s beer festival was on, so a bargain price too. A tasty drop.4.5% A.B.V. June 2018.