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524: Campbells - Gunner

20180325_141643The Brewery: “Campbells brewery was established in 2017 in Peebles by Murray Campbell. We are a team absolutely dedicated to producing the finest ales in Scotland. Our brewers, Isaac Knowles-Gruft, Mark Harrison and Craig Barrett are incredibly skilled and passionate and their mission is always to source top quality malts and hops to produce the very best cask and bottle-conditioned ales.”

The Beer: “Gunner Blonde is the first beer that we have brought out on to the market and we are having so much success with this we have had to increase the number of our fermentation vessels to keep up with demand. Gunner Blonde is a lovely well balanced blonde ale brewed with German bittering hops and finished with delicious American hops creating an absolutely delicious pint.”

So, a REALLY young brewery. I tell you what though, even though this is not my favourite style of ale  I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more beers from Campbells. 4.5% A.B.V

The Island View Inn, Berwick-upon-Tweed. March 2018