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500: Harvey’s - IPA

20171028_203505What they say: “IPA was once a mainstay brand of countless traditional breweries. Often referred to as ‘ordinary bitter’ by way of differentiation, there is little that is ordinary about it. Premium malted barleys and local aroma hops combine to create a beer that is light and refreshing. Fragrant hop flavours impart a full but delicate bitterness to this classic table beer………….Light and refreshing. Delicate, grassy and earthy hop aroma. Bitter and balanced malt flavours.”

The 500th entry into the Archive is brewed just a few miles away and is a stablemate to the excellent Sussex Best Bitter – one of my all time favourites. Light & refreshing it certainly was and was a pleasant ‘school night’ treat thanks to the lower alcohol content. Served a bit colder would make a nice summer ale too.

3.5% A.B.V. October 2017