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Cottage Brewing Co - Conquest Best Bitter

The plan was, to do all the beers from Yorkshire before moving on to those from our week in the Peak District. However I ended up bringing some home with me and they’re still waiting patiently in the cupboard for my attention!We’ll come back to those when I’ve finished blogging about the rest from our trip, so, here’s the first ale ‘researched’ from  a bit further south:

WP_20160331_17_59_57_ProWhat they say? Oddly, this is not on their website but quote this: “A classic blend of hops and malts create this amber coloured best bitter”

Yes, our first pint in the Peak District came from Somerset, in the wonderful Pack Horse Inn that had an ever changing selection of real ales.

No matter, it was a mighty tasty pint, the A.B.V of 4.3% adding body to the beer.

The Pack Horse Inn, Crowdecote, Derbyshire. April 2016