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Batemans - XXXB

WP_20160217_20_22_59_ProWhat they say “A classic English copper-red bitter, brewed with pale, crystal and wheat malts, and hopped with English Goldings and Styrian Goldings varieties. Triple XB has a rich aroma of biscuity malt, hop resins and vine fruits. Peppery hops, ripe fruit and juicy malt fill the mouth, followed by a long, luscious finish packed with earthy hops and a dry, cracker biscuit like maltiness.”

I couldn’t honestly say that I picked up all those flavours, but that’s probably more down to my palate. What I did pick up was a mighty fine 500ml that was just as enjoyable as the draught version. More full bodied that the excellent XB at 4.8% A.B.V and very tasty.