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Thwaites - Original Best Bitter

WP_20150320_060What they say:

A beer that’s as Original today as it was in 1807, when Daniel Thwaites himself began brewing.This refreshing amber bitter is brewed using premium grade Maris Otter malt and a blend of traditional English hops including Goldings and Fuggles for a malty flavour with a delicate dry finish.

Less well know perhaps - at least in our neck of the woods - than it’s stable mate Wainwrights, I came across this is in B & M Bargains in Whitley whilst on our travels in the north east.

Put simply, it’s one of my favourite bottled beers, hitting all the right spots. It tasted - to me anyway - a little similar to my beloved London Pride, but whereas LP hits you with 4.7% A.B.V this weighs in at just 3.6%. I’ll be looking to pick up some more of these but I suspect they may not get as far as the south coast.