Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shepherd Neame - 1698

WP_20140403_010At the end of March a load of caravanners gathered for the second Twittercamp in Rutland. One of those caravanners was Allison who lives in Faversham in Kent, also home to the Shepherd Neame brewery. How convenient. Knowing our love of ale Allison brought with her a whole boot full (well almost) of ale straight from the brewery shop. Obviously, they had to be shared, so I didn’t get a chance to sample them all, never mind get a picture. The next few blogs are a record of those I DID manage to get my mitts on!

What they say: ….this copper-bronze, bottle conditioned beauty is an intense yet uniquely intricate offering thrice-hopped during the brewing process. This adds rich resinous notes and spikes of citrus to a moreish strong ale already rife with notes of liquorice, Masala wine, caramel and spicy orange. A frisson of dark fruit freshens the finish….

Full of flavour and at a mighty 6.5% A.B.V, one be treated with utmost respect.